Ryan + Kaycie // April 15, 2016

Our first destination wedding at Temecula Creek Inn. We had so much fun preparing for their special day over the 18 months of planning. It was fun being guests and floral designers for this sweet friend.

S & E

Valerie's Bridal Shower

We loved being part of a bright bridal shower for our beautiful family member!

-Mums and Lilies

Sam + Maddie // April 16, 2016

Sam and Maddie were so fun to work with. The bride wanted clean and simple floral designs that were created by a simple color palette. She knew exactly what she wanted and it was a joy to work with fellow alumni of APU.

S & E

Hi Sue and Elizabeth! With my one year wedding anniversary coming up I have been reminiscing about the day and whole planning process and I just wanted to thank you guys again for everything you did for me with flowers, they turned out so beautiful and you guys made the process so easy + affordable!!!
— Maddie

Tim + Aubree // Aug 13, 2016

We were honored to be able to design florals and calligraphy for our son/brother's wedding in August 2016. We were able to use our experience to add to a sweet celebration.

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all photos provided by Bethann Greenberg Photography